Remember to call before dropping off your computer Monday thru Friday until 4pm.
Once I have your computer, time is allocated to resolve your computer problems. 

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Infection removal * Data transfer * Data recovery * Cloud backup * Operating system installation * Hard drive wipe * Desktop & Laptop optimization * Windows 10 troubleshooting * Software install & troubleshooting * Repairs * Upgrades * RAM installation * Hard drive installation * Data transfer (from old PC to new PC) * HDD & SSD hard drive service

MOST REQUESTED SERVICE - Windows 10 Optimization. Per computer only $35.00


Need data from an old hard drive? Not a problem, simply bring the hard drive or computer to Mike's and the data you want will be installed to a flashdrive provided by you. During this process all of your data is secure and safely managed. You will need to provide a flashdrive with enough storage capacity to move the data onto. This is also the price to move your data to a new computer from your old one.

$ 45.00


At some point all computers, be it a MAC or Windows based will require some maintenance to ensure it performs like you need it to. Or you run into an issue that needs fixing. From Microsoft Office problems to Java issues Mike can make it all better again! If your PC or MAC isn't performing like it used to bring to Mike's and get it working right!  $50.00 may be higher if infection is found. 


Windows 7 extended support was discontinued on 1-14-2020  so now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10. If you want to upgrade bring a flashdrive with at least 32Gb so your data can be moved to the new operating system, if you don't have one there is an additional $35 to move docs, photos and other data to the new system. Don't be left out on the web unsecured when this end of support happens, get the latest in security along with a very stable operating system with Windows 10. Typically upgrading the O.S. takes 1 full day to perform correctly, however if additional issues preventing the O.S. from loading are discovered (infection, registry issues, bios problem etc.) it can take longer and additional fees may apply. Get it done right when you use Mike's. $75.00  Note: Not all computers running Windows 7 currently can run Windows 10.  To determine if your current computer can run Windows 10 there is a $25 diagnosis fee which is deducted from the upgrade fee if your computer can run Windows 10.


Windows and MAC computers both get infections. When you have browser changes you didn't change, your computer is slower than usual, your home page changes on its own and a host of other problems then you probably have some type of infection. The majority of computer owners have at least one form of infection on their computers and do not even know it. Click here for a list of infection types.  It just takes one type of infection to hijack your banking data, vital documents, irreplaceable photos, titles & deeds which many people store on their computers. Financial data is the one thing you never want to have hijacked by an infection.   

 $60.00 depending on severity of infection. 

We will recycle your old desktop or laptop computer FREE!

Your old hard drive will be wiped then destroyed. 


Need a website for your business or service? Have you been told it will cost thousands of dollars? Well that simply isn't true. A professionally crafted website that looks great, draws in customers, has many features can be yours for less than you may have been told.  E-mail addresses at your domain, photos, videos, documents, forms, basic SEO are included when you use Mike's to build your website. Call today for more information. Multi page full featured website $375.00 includes 1 hour of website management.

Some websites built by Mike's PC Service:


Bought a new laptop or desktop and want it setup? Give Mike's a call and he can set it up for you to ensure maximum performance, secured system and install the latest anti virus software of your choosing. Upgrading to Windows 10 for many users has a small learning curve so Mike puts all of your shortcuts right on the desktop and then teaches you how to navigate thru W-10. Settings will be tweaked to ensure your new desktop or laptop provides years of reliable service. There is a small learning curve when coming from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but its nothing to overly worry about. Mike can show you how to get around within the new operating system. You can also rest easy because Windows 10 has a progressive security architecture which will protect you on the internet.  $25.00



Determining what the problem is and if a part is actually required. 

Many times I have good people bring me their computers and tell me they need a part. When in reality they only needed a setting changed. This is especially true with laptop and some desktop fans. The fans in newer computers can be switched off in certain settings of computers. When parts need to be replaced they should always be done by qualified professionals. I can't remember how many times I have had people bring me their half way fixed (or butchered) computers because their brother's friend at work has a cousin who has a friend who can...…Get my drift here? 

Parts procurement. 

Since there are thousands of different desktops and laptops in use there is no conceivable way I can stock that many parts. After you contact me I will ask for the model and serial number of your computer in order to locate the correct part then e-mail the results to you if you know the part you need. At that time you can order the part(s) then bring it to me and I will install it.

In most instances that the serial number of the part is located inside the computer. If you do not have the knowledge or even want to open up your desktop or laptop then you may bring it by and I will determine what part is the correct one based on the serial number / the part currently installed.