Frequently Asked Questions

I rode by and it looks as if no one is there? Yes sometimes it may look as if no one is at home here. We park in the garage so you won't see any   vehicles in the driveway. Depending on the time of day I may close the blinds to block out the sun. If my 'open sign' is flashing then I'm here. If it isn't then I am out at a business location. Its a good idea to call or e-mail me first but its not required.

Do you sell computers?  No I do not sell computers.

Do you buy computers? No I do not buy computers.

How long will it be before I get my computer back? This depends on three aspects.

1) The severity of the issue(s) with any computer. 

2) How many customers are ahead of you. 

3) How long before part(s) arrive.

 I know its a hassle to be without your computer and I always try to get them back to my customers pretty fast. However there are times when things just don't go as planned for a myriad of unforeseen reasons. I never quote to any customer how long it may or may not be. My customers are a priority and I make every effort to re-unite them with their computers as soon as possible!

What is the best way to reach you? Email, is the quickest way to reach me. I get dozens of phone calls each day and if I'm visiting a business client I usually do not answer my phone because I'm working. Email is the best way to get a quick reply. 

Do you accept checks or credit cards?  I do not accept checks due to being burned one too many times. I do accept credit card payments via Google Pay.

Is my data safe with you? Yes. I backup all of my customer's data onto an external local hard drive not connected to the internet prior to working on their computers or their hard drives to prevent any data loss. That backed up data is destroyed by overwriting the external hard drive when the job is complete. At no time is any customer data kept or stored by me for any reason.

Do you make house calls?  No.

Do you have a waiting room or lobby? No. My service is a drop off then pick up service business.

Why don't you have a store front?  By having my service operated out of my home I can keep the overhead & service costs down.

Do you sell computer parts?  No.

Will my old computer run Windows 10 or 11? If your computer is currently running Windows 7 or an earlier OS then it probably will not run the newer Windows systems.

Do you keep computer parts in stock?  With the varying models and makes of computers on the market it is impossible to keep a supply of parts on hand. Most if not all parts can be ordered from the internet and delivered within a day or two. 

What are your hours?  Monday thru Friday 10am until 4:30pm.  

Do you still have COVID restrictions? I will disinfect all computers on arrival. Please ring the doorbell when you arrive. I will come out and meet you.

Do you work on tablets? I provide software troubleshooting on Windows and MAC based tablets only.

Do you work on cell phones? No.

What do I bring with my computer?  Only the power cord is needed. Please remove mouse/keyboard receivers before you come. 

Do I need to call first? Its recommended because I do go to businesses to provide I.T. services. But its not required. If the 'open' sign is flashing then I'm here.