Disassembly of a laptop & Desktop

In most cases a laptop can be taken apart with no problems when care is used. The problem is with some laptops manufactured by HP, Dell and others where the clips that hold the laptop together after removing the screws must be pried apart. These clips can break VERY easily because they are flimsy. All computer manufacturers make a series of computers in which Best Buy, Wal-Mart and other retailers sale. These are made on contract by the computer companies for these stores exclusively.  Most of the laptops in this category are not made to be taken apart and serviced. They are made to be thrown away and replaced.   


Mike's uses great care when repairing a customer's laptop. All pre-cautions are taken to avoid any broken clips or other flimsy plastic parts in this process. In cases where we determine that proceeding with a repair may cause a part of the laptop casing to become broken, we will contact the customer and advise them then seek their OK to proceed.


All desktops and all in ones we work on is done with great care. In cases where we removing parts or dis-assembly of any piece(s) of a desktop is determined to potentially cause any breakage or cracking we will contact the customer to advise them then seek their OK to proceed. 

Laptop repair

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Mike's PC Service will not be liable for any broken laptop or desktop parts during the dis-assembly and re-assembly process. Mike's PC Service holds no control over any computer manufacture's process of  producing the manner in which laptops & desktops are fastened, joined, clipped etc together. Dis-assembly & re-assembly of any computer holds a certain amount of risk and that risk will be the responsibility of the computer owner solely.