I want a website but what does it cost? 

The $275.00 is paid to Mike's PC Service to actually build your website, put content on your site along with the design and layout. This includes SEO and Meta Tag configuration so your website pops up when people search for services you offer. 

You will be responsible for the annual cost of the hosting of your website to 1and1, Web.com, Wix or whichever hosting service you decide on, Mike can help you to decide. 

You will also need to pay for your domain name. You can pay yearly or years in advance. That's up to you. 

So to break it down it looks like this;

1- $275 to get your website created. One time fee paid to Mike's PC Service.

2- Hosting. Usually costs around $100 -/+ per year payable to Wix, 1and1, Webs or whomever you decide on, Mike helps you decide. Reoccurring fee.

3- Domain name. Pay this yearly or a few years in advance.

Mike pays $12.00 yearly for mikespcservice.com to give you an idea of what it cost, its not much. You decide how often to pay this.

Remember that your website represents the service(s) you provide 24/7/365 and is better than social media because social media is not designed to be used like a website. 

Who needs a website? If you are providing a service to others then YOU need a website!  

Your website will have the following;

Up to 6 pages with your supplied content.

Background images, page designs, photos, content etc.

SEO (search engine optimization) so that people can find what you are offering.

Inclusion in top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

E-mail addresses at your domain.

Training so that you will know how to add or delete items then manage your own website.