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Business website creation * Network management & upgrades * Active directory * Server management * Workstation(s) install * Cloud backup for recovery * Operating system upgrade & rollout * Technology consulting * Re-imaging desktops & laptops * Imaging of new computers

Business Services

 Businesses are only effective if their network infrastructure is operational. Many small businesses have inadequate data backups and network infrastructure flaws that can make them vulnerable to downtime which leads to lost revenue. Yes this includes the local landscaper, the nursery, the feed & seed store, the local dentist, the automotive shop and many other businesses.


 Keeping a small business up & running requires knowledge and experience when it comes to desktop, laptop and printer management. Mike's PC Service provides the following services;

  • Desktop & laptop repair, troubleshooting, upgrading and support.
  • Printer configuration & troubleshooting.
  • Network troubleshooting, updating and management.
  • WiFi - LAN troubleshooting, upgrading & troubleshooting.

When your needing help with your small business systems, give Mike's a call!


 Many small businesses we have worked with have a few desktops setup that are connected to a make-shift network onsite usually tucked in a broom closet. Not much thought has gone into that. Mikes can upgrade that into a robust network that works 100% when you need it to. When you need to share documents between employees do you have a way to actually do that? Mikes can make that a reality. Do you have a way to provide employees access to data on a separate part of your network? Mikes can make that a viable option for you.


I invite you to call me and let's discuss what your small business is looking for. There are many different needs for any given business and to list all of them on my website is impractical. I realize that your not wanting to spend a fortune because your not a big corporation, I get that! I can assist you to improve your current business network & I.T. environment. Many small businesses unfortunately do not have a dedicated company or person to rely on to solve problems when they present themselves, with MPCS you can call on me whenever you need to get things fixed without long term contract commitments and monthly payments.  Mike Ketner

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