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Infrastructure & Ops

  • Create, move or restore VMs 
  • Desktop deployments 
  • Monitoring services 
  • System health checks 
  • Upgrades 
  • Build and deploy dashboards & reports
  • Database cleanup 
  • Backup and maintenance 
  • User provisioning


The simple truth for any business is that you are just one bad user decision away from being infected by malware. Misconfigure your firewall, grant the wrong person administrator rights, or fail to update your antivirus, and your door is wide open for hackers to exploit. Whether your business handles customer information or intellectual property, that data is valuable, and it’s your responsibility to keep your business network secure.

Every Business is a Target

Network Based Printer Management 

Printer management and deployment onto a network is critical for businesses functionality. From initial deployment, upgrade to new printer deployments, firmware upgrades Mike has the working experience to get the job done for your business in a timely manner. Many of the printers used today in businesses like distribution warehouses, manufacturing facilities have proprietary software to manage all aspects of these printers. Mike has the background of deploying then working with these software suites to get the most out of these printers and train staff to manage these printers effectively saving time and money. Mike has worked with printer manafuacteurs such as Zebra, Xerox, Canon, Brother, IBM to name a few. Give Mike a call or e-mail and see how managing your printer fleet is really easy and not as troublesome as many believe. Quote provided after initial consult.  

Note from B2B client

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Computer Recycling

Does your business have computers or laptops you have replaced but now need to get rid of the old ones? Mike's can recycle those computers including wiping then destroying the hard drives for you. The computers are then de-assembled and working parts removed. All other parts & pieces are then recycled. You may drop off used computers (no printers please) at Mike's or call me and I'll arrange for them to be picked from your business. Please denote computers that must be wiped. This is a FREE service.

Imaging & Re-Imaging Workstations Including Remote Capability

Does your business need to have it's computer's operating system re-imaged or a fresh operating system installed? Mike can do that. If your business has a need to upgrade Mike can get this done for you including provisioning user's accounts for their desktops. If your company has the technology in place Mike can remote in then take care of a myriad of issues as he does in his day job as well.  This includes pushing out user profiles when they need to be updated. Typically this is priced per computer in batches of 20 PCs. If you have more than that then give me a call and let's talk. $35 per PC for up to 20. 

General Troubleshooting

  If your business partners need general troubleshooting during their workday then consider giving Mike a call. From issues with connecting to printers to office software like Microsoft Office Suites, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Tableau, email clients, shard folders, network items and others Mike can get this done so your employees can get on with their day. Small businesses such as doctor's office, dentist offices, landscapers, tax preparer's, mechanic shops, locally owned restaurants and others depend on Mike's to keep their technology running right. When it comes to workplace troubleshooting Mike is recognized as an expert and a trusted business partner for many.  $35 hourly w/one hour minimum charged per instance. Never a 'service fee' or other padded charges like some others add.   

Website Management

If your small to medium sized business has a website and needs managing or some content added/removed or updated, Mike can do that for you. I will consult with you on the changes that need to be  made then go to work and get the job done. All to your specifications. I can also re-build websites that have become stale over time and need to be refreshed. For management of your website I can keep your website updated with current content submitted to me by you or a designated employee. In short I can make your website stand out and attract new customers as that's the point of having a website. Including backend adjustments, updating stale content and more. A website also is your business' calling card online 24/7/365 so people can see what you offer. Consult required to agree on fees.

Business System Network Development

Small to medium sized businesses need an internal system that works and is secure. Mike can make that a reality for you. Depending on what you want to ensure your business workday flows the way it needs to Mike can consult with you then design the network that you want.  Mike is trained and experienced in network configuration and management. From the local doctor's office to the local mechanic Mike can design, set up then launch your own network that works when you need it to. To make it happen call Mike today. Quote provided after initial consultation. 

Mike working on GFS network

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Does your business have computers or laptops that need the data recovered? If so Mike's can recover that data quickly and install it on another computer or in media you provide. Many small businesses bring their computers to Mike to recover and re-install data to other computers because they know that just anyone cannot adequately perform this function. Mike is the preferred choice for data recovery & management for many local business owners. If you have hard drives that you need the data recovered or moved from, give MPCS a call today. 

* Hard drive recovery

* External HDD recovery

* Laptop data recovery

* USB data recovery

* Raid recovery

* SSD data recovery

$80 Data Recovery per HDD then placed onto customer provided media.  $50 Data Transfer from target hard drive to another computer. Discounts for 10 + hard drives